Friday, June 17, 2011

Who we are..

I dunno why i do, but i like to think A LOT. I can remember the littlest things anyone does or says, and they just stick with me for the longest time. I love just reflecting and looking back and looking towards my future, just laying out my life in front of me. A lot of times i go to places of peace and tranquility and just sit and stare out at the horizon and just think about everything that goes through my head. People that know me, know that I don't like swearing and I don't really have the tolerance for it. Well, I asked my friend if he wouldn't swear around me and he said "I'll try, but you can't change it, its who I am." Those words sunk soooooooooo deep for me.. for days I've been thinking about what he said. We live in a world where everyone is trying to find their identity, everyone is trying to find out who they "are". I think everyone is so naive and blind. At a time we all forget where we came from, i know everybody says this, but we are all CHILDREN OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER. That is WHO WE ARE as a nature, and we CAN'T CHANGE that, no matter how much we want to. We can CHOOSE to finally accept that and STOP trying to be someone we are not. Stop trying to please the world and feel "accepted" because I can promise you, you'll NEVER be truly HAPPY that way. I remember I was like that as a kid, changing from THING TO THING, trying to find things to make me happy. As a result I could never be myself, and it sucked. When I finally accepted that who I'm going to be is a child of God. Is when I started to live my life as CHRIST like as i possibly could, i know i always don't, and its a hard task but i think that its one that's worth everything. The joy i feel as i know who i am and things that i will do, to know what i do with my agency, to know what my choices and what road I'm going to take and where that road leads.. Having that clarity of mind helps me find that PEACE and SERENITY that we all strive for.

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