Thursday, June 9, 2011


I never though this day would ever come.... but thanks to Colton Laird, Jared Harvey and Cameron Wilkey.... I can't believe i'm saying this.... ahhh......... *siiigh* I've fallen in love with country.... yes its true i love country. hahaaha ooh its amazzing i love it. i dunno what it is but it actually calms me down, makes me ponder and remember the memories I've had with people. Taylor Swift.. You're amazing. Tim Mcgraw im coming to your concert don't you worry. haha well today i guess you could say wass a succes i finished trimming some things on the wheel for ceramics. Went to work. Got some coldstone. Went to work again.. then just partied with jared, by driving around and just doing whatever. I guess you could say i enjoyed the simplicity of life. i feel that sometimes as human beings we try to hard to gain more or we tried soo hard to get the attention of other people to find happiness, we depend so much on others, when its just right there in front of us. Its the simplicity of life that makes it worthwhile.

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