Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Welcome Back Arty..

ahhhhhhhhhhhh back into the world of blogginggg.. bleeeh i guess you could say endless hours of staying up at night and readin others people's bloggs made me want to come back. I dunno what it is about bloggingg but its great haha. i feel that everyone can just blab on and on and on and on about their life and their problems and the people who actually care and actually want to listen, will listen. Please get over the fact that i suck at writing i hate english and i hate writing butt still choose to blog. haha I won't blog very much or at least i dont think i will butt we'll see. I hope that as people read my blog they can follow me in the pursuit of happiness, i believe that i have found that bliss in my life but yet as trials come my way, i want to be able to find that happiness that calamity in my life to be able to just see everything happen. I am LDS and i am going to be posting a lot of my testimony on this and i hope i can get some good readers and i hope everyone enjoys :) haaa

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