Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life's A Garden.

Don't worry, I don't sleep. Sitting there all night just pondering on life. When I feel like I need to do something, I take a look at the time. It's FIVE FREAKEN THIRTY in the morning.... I get up decide to do a good deed for my mom and I go and start weeding the garden. About an hour of contemplating in my own thoughts I stop and think about my life as a garden. A lot of people say well i do what i want cuz it's my life.... well its my garden but what am i gonna do with it?? I'm responsible for its care. I decide what grows in it and what doesn't. I get to partake of the fruits that come from it. But I am going to grow weeds, whether they are weeds that i want or not. Weeds will be blown in and i won't know it until they sprout. But i can decide how long those weeds stay, how tall they get how deep those roots grow. I will grow habits, whether i want them or not. Some habits may be because of the friends i'm around, the things i do. But its my choice if i want those roots to sink deep into my life and become harder to break. I have the agency, to neglect the wrong choices in my life or to change my life for the better. Sometimes we know the weeds are there but we keep just ripping what shows and we leave the roots in, we let those habits stay in our lives even though no one may see them, even though our garden may look beautiful we know what's underneath. After ignoring our garden for some time we may find ourselves in nothing but weeds. and during these hard times its easy to hate on the "garden" or life we've been given and blame God the person who gave it to us. The person who has given us the opportunity to become something soo great but yet we have become something soo unwanted. At times we think its too late, there's to many weeds and that there's nothing we can do but we forget of the garden we once were and the garden we can still become. 

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