Tuesday, June 7, 2011

what else?

well i guess i have nothing else to do. haaaa
I'm Arthur Eugene Gonzalez, for those of you who don't know me... (i feel like im giving a talk)
I moved here from Argentina when i was 6 yearsss old. Man.. people who say they miss their family, trust me you don't know how it feels. I only have one uncle and his family that lives in Utah, actually he's the only family we have in the united states. I haven't seen my grandparents or any other family for 11 years now. You could say its rough and it is but i've learned to deal with it, and i know that its not going to change. umm what else about me i love math and ceramics i will start posting some of my art work here in the next few daysss. I've always been into sports i dunno im a child, i think  most people that know me if they want to describe me in one word that's it. I hope my future wife knows that even when im 70 years old im gonna act like i'm 5. I love music, i really do it inspires me literally in everything i do, it helps me make the decisions i do make in life and it gives me a sense of direction when i am completely lost. Dance and Art, both things that have been inspired by music. I can literally say that if it wasn't for the music in my life that i would have done either. I love that I am able to take a song and separate every beat and every sound one from another. Sometimes i literally just focus on one note or one beat that is made throughout the whole song, becoming oblivious to any other sound and that makes the song for me. i've always been strong in the church and i have my parents to thank for that. I really appreciate for the fact that they drilled that into my head at such a young age. I feel so spiritually independent now and i love it, i know my choices and i know my decisions, i know my outcome in life and what i chose to be. and that i believe is when you find happiness is when you are not lost and confused. when you know whats going on and where you are headed. even though at times it is hard to find, its there. It may be like a needle in a haystack but its there... TRUST ME i know

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