Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

"They get caught up in the excitement of looking for something new. But inevitably, the flame of each new theory fades, only to be replaced by another “new and improved” solution that promises to do what the others before could not."- Dieter F. Uchtdorf. Well this is going up on my wall. I love this, it so true, i feel that people will experience things and they take them for granted. They can never be happy with what they have. Whether it be with friends, religions, love, anything i think it happens to everyone. We keep searching to unlock the secrets of happiness. The talk of the way of the disciple is my favorite talk. I love it, it really is the recipe for happiness.. I encourage everyone to read it.
To those who have left the path of discipleship for whatever reason, I invite you to start where you are and come to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Walk again in the way of the Lord. I testify that the Lord will bless your life, endow you with knowledge and joy beyond comprehension, and distill upon you the supernal gifts of the Spirit. It is always the right time to walk in His way. It is never too late.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf, you take the words right out of my mouth.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Recipe for happiness?

I think its more about humbling one's self. Starving the ego; the part of us all that wants and wants, and is never content, feeds the soul. If we are to become considerate and compassionate individuals, we should rid ourselves of such egoism and focus on improving our souls and loving one another. This is no doubt a difficult task, but a worthwhile one.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Who we are..

I dunno why i do, but i like to think A LOT. I can remember the littlest things anyone does or says, and they just stick with me for the longest time. I love just reflecting and looking back and looking towards my future, just laying out my life in front of me. A lot of times i go to places of peace and tranquility and just sit and stare out at the horizon and just think about everything that goes through my head. People that know me, know that I don't like swearing and I don't really have the tolerance for it. Well, I asked my friend if he wouldn't swear around me and he said "I'll try, but you can't change it, its who I am." Those words sunk soooooooooo deep for me.. for days I've been thinking about what he said. We live in a world where everyone is trying to find their identity, everyone is trying to find out who they "are". I think everyone is so naive and blind. At a time we all forget where we came from, i know everybody says this, but we are all CHILDREN OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER. That is WHO WE ARE as a nature, and we CAN'T CHANGE that, no matter how much we want to. We can CHOOSE to finally accept that and STOP trying to be someone we are not. Stop trying to please the world and feel "accepted" because I can promise you, you'll NEVER be truly HAPPY that way. I remember I was like that as a kid, changing from THING TO THING, trying to find things to make me happy. As a result I could never be myself, and it sucked. When I finally accepted that who I'm going to be is a child of God. Is when I started to live my life as CHRIST like as i possibly could, i know i always don't, and its a hard task but i think that its one that's worth everything. The joy i feel as i know who i am and things that i will do, to know what i do with my agency, to know what my choices and what road I'm going to take and where that road leads.. Having that clarity of mind helps me find that PEACE and SERENITY that we all strive for.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life's A Garden.

Don't worry, I don't sleep. Sitting there all night just pondering on life. When I feel like I need to do something, I take a look at the time. It's FIVE FREAKEN THIRTY in the morning.... I get up decide to do a good deed for my mom and I go and start weeding the garden. About an hour of contemplating in my own thoughts I stop and think about my life as a garden. A lot of people say well i do what i want cuz it's my life.... well its my garden but what am i gonna do with it?? I'm responsible for its care. I decide what grows in it and what doesn't. I get to partake of the fruits that come from it. But I am going to grow weeds, whether they are weeds that i want or not. Weeds will be blown in and i won't know it until they sprout. But i can decide how long those weeds stay, how tall they get how deep those roots grow. I will grow habits, whether i want them or not. Some habits may be because of the friends i'm around, the things i do. But its my choice if i want those roots to sink deep into my life and become harder to break. I have the agency, to neglect the wrong choices in my life or to change my life for the better. Sometimes we know the weeds are there but we keep just ripping what shows and we leave the roots in, we let those habits stay in our lives even though no one may see them, even though our garden may look beautiful we know what's underneath. After ignoring our garden for some time we may find ourselves in nothing but weeds. and during these hard times its easy to hate on the "garden" or life we've been given and blame God the person who gave it to us. The person who has given us the opportunity to become something soo great but yet we have become something soo unwanted. At times we think its too late, there's to many weeds and that there's nothing we can do but we forget of the garden we once were and the garden we can still become. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I never though this day would ever come.... but thanks to Colton Laird, Jared Harvey and Cameron Wilkey.... I can't believe i'm saying this.... ahhh......... *siiigh* I've fallen in love with country.... yes its true i love country. hahaaha ooh its amazzing i love it. i dunno what it is but it actually calms me down, makes me ponder and remember the memories I've had with people. Taylor Swift.. You're amazing. Tim Mcgraw im coming to your concert don't you worry. haha well today i guess you could say wass a succes i finished trimming some things on the wheel for ceramics. Went to work. Got some coldstone. Went to work again.. then just partied with jared, by driving around and just doing whatever. I guess you could say i enjoyed the simplicity of life. i feel that sometimes as human beings we try to hard to gain more or we tried soo hard to get the attention of other people to find happiness, we depend so much on others, when its just right there in front of us. Its the simplicity of life that makes it worthwhile.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

what else?

well i guess i have nothing else to do. haaaa
I'm Arthur Eugene Gonzalez, for those of you who don't know me... (i feel like im giving a talk)
I moved here from Argentina when i was 6 yearsss old. Man.. people who say they miss their family, trust me you don't know how it feels. I only have one uncle and his family that lives in Utah, actually he's the only family we have in the united states. I haven't seen my grandparents or any other family for 11 years now. You could say its rough and it is but i've learned to deal with it, and i know that its not going to change. umm what else about me i love math and ceramics i will start posting some of my art work here in the next few daysss. I've always been into sports i dunno im a child, i think  most people that know me if they want to describe me in one word that's it. I hope my future wife knows that even when im 70 years old im gonna act like i'm 5. I love music, i really do it inspires me literally in everything i do, it helps me make the decisions i do make in life and it gives me a sense of direction when i am completely lost. Dance and Art, both things that have been inspired by music. I can literally say that if it wasn't for the music in my life that i would have done either. I love that I am able to take a song and separate every beat and every sound one from another. Sometimes i literally just focus on one note or one beat that is made throughout the whole song, becoming oblivious to any other sound and that makes the song for me. i've always been strong in the church and i have my parents to thank for that. I really appreciate for the fact that they drilled that into my head at such a young age. I feel so spiritually independent now and i love it, i know my choices and i know my decisions, i know my outcome in life and what i chose to be. and that i believe is when you find happiness is when you are not lost and confused. when you know whats going on and where you are headed. even though at times it is hard to find, its there. It may be like a needle in a haystack but its there... TRUST ME i know

Welcome Back Arty..

ahhhhhhhhhhhh back into the world of blogginggg.. bleeeh i guess you could say endless hours of staying up at night and readin others people's bloggs made me want to come back. I dunno what it is about bloggingg but its great haha. i feel that everyone can just blab on and on and on and on about their life and their problems and the people who actually care and actually want to listen, will listen. Please get over the fact that i suck at writing i hate english and i hate writing butt still choose to blog. haha I won't blog very much or at least i dont think i will butt we'll see. I hope that as people read my blog they can follow me in the pursuit of happiness, i believe that i have found that bliss in my life but yet as trials come my way, i want to be able to find that happiness that calamity in my life to be able to just see everything happen. I am LDS and i am going to be posting a lot of my testimony on this and i hope i can get some good readers and i hope everyone enjoys :) haaa