Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"We must be the change we want to see in the world." -Ghandi

Please watch this first..

This video left me speechless for a bit, and I gotta admit, I did cry a little. I don't even know where to start. ummm this video shows so much of what I've been feeling lately, what I've been trying to tell some people in my life. This man, given one dollar, 
yet with one dollar look at the change he made. It makes me think, with all that I'm given, with all that I have. Why do I take it for granted? Because I know I do, and I do it subconsciously, when things don't go my way, or how I want them to I start to tell my self that I deserve better, that this shouldn't be happening to me. All I have to say is that we need to stop being selfish. I don't mean go and start donating all we have and doing hours and hours of service. This man all he had was merely a dollar and yet he change the lives of many. What about us, with the opportunities we have to impact one another everyday. With going to school, work and being with friends and family, are we going to choose to make sure things go our way and that we are happy? Or are we going to choose to help those around us, to see those who are having a hard time and cheer them up, to build each other up. The opportunity to help others is a gift of grace. With it being the Christmas season, I want us to start giving a gift... a real gift that won't  be over used, or grow out of size, or loose its worth, but a gift that's unforgotten. That's the gift of charity..the gift of unmeasurable love and kindness. Guys they don't say "tis' the season to be jolly" for nothing. Make the change now to start caring for those around you, to stop always thinking about yourself but about how you can help those around you. I can say one thing that I know for sure, this won't be easiest thing we do. but it's possible and I know that if we do these things and begin to love one another that we will be a happier more peaceful people. As Jacob Schemmel taught me "ELE" Everybody Love Everybody. Don't let this Christmas season be the only time that you care for others, but let it be the start of a new chapter, a new beginning. Let this be the time when you embark a new life. The start of something new, the start of a better, happier life. 

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