Tuesday, December 13, 2011

To the homie..

This post goes out to one of the biggest influences of my life... one of the biggest homies i've had.

Jared Harvey

Four words i have to say to you.. I MISS YOU MAN.
I dunno, i couldn't sleep, just had a lot on my mind. got in my car and just started driving around like we used to. Trying to think of what you would say to me, talking to myself, pretending you were right there. I ended up parking in front of your house.
Memories rushed me like none other. your cabin, powell, getting pulled over, our late night talks, tubing, cruising around on our bikes, endless and endless memories. The things you would say to me. I hope you know you've influenced my life so greatly. I could use you're wisdom and clever sayings more than ever right now. I could really use a late night talk. I told myself this wouldn't happen I wouldn't miss you, but i do man. I hope everything is going great in Argentina. I want to thank you for all the things you taught me, how to get past the hard times and just live life like it should be lived. Thanks for teaching me to take the time, step back and just breathe. Thanks for being the great example for me and for always being there. I can't wait to join you and spread the gospel to the four corners of the earth. I can't even express my gratitude for you man, I love you.

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  1. I love this...
    I miss him so bad..